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Sarah Power
The Funny Life Of An Opera Singer
29th April 2016 - Art, Music, Travel ... and a Fairytale Ending

So readers, what else did I get up to in 2015 I hear you ask.

Well, I performed in more oratorio and concerts than ever before, I travelled to exotic Singapore with Scottish Opera and I was a performer in a Turner-Prize-nominated artwork. And to top it all I wrapped up the year with a very happy ending!

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4th April 2016 - Welsh National Opera

Peter Pan 2Hello readers!

You may be wondering what I was up to in 2015 that kept me so busy (and therefore so woeful at blogging). At last, here’s an update about my activities in the first half of last year with another one covering the second half of the year to follow shortly.

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19th May 2014 - Emerging Artist

Dear readers,

Working for Scottish Opera as an Emerging Artist has turned out to be an incredibly busy but also immensely rewarding adventure. In my last blog I was preparing to go on tour in the title role of Handel’s “Rodelinda” and, as the title character, I was feeling some extra pressure.

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10th September 2013 - Glasgow Calling

Welcome back readers.

Since I last wrote I have successfully made the move to Glasgow and started working for Scottish Opera. I find the people of Glasgow very friendly and I can say the same for Scottish Opera – there is a very positive atmosphere within the company!

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16th July 2013 - Big News!

Hello again reader!

There’s so much to tell you - I’ve just released a new album entitled By Love Inspired, I’m starting a new and exciting job in August and I’ve just completed the second instalment of last month’s blog, May Mayhem.

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19th June 2013 - May Mayhem

Welcome back!

Well, my weird and wonderful life as an opera singer has kept me so busy that I haven’t had the chance to tell you what’s been happening of late. But, once I get into the swing of blogging, I hope to keep you more regularly updated.

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7th April 2013 - Welcome!

Welcome to my new website!

This is my first ever blog and I’d like to tell you a bit about my weird and wonderful life as an opera singer.

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